Vacuum Excavation

The presence of underground utility apparatus can be a worry when an excavation is required close by. Not all pipes are detectable with a cat-scan and even after cat-scanning the area, apparatus not buried deep enough or without warning tape could result in a strike. Because of this risk it is becoming increasingly common that hand dig excavation is required. However, this can also be problematic as well as time consuming. Instead safe excavation can be completed using a vacuum excavator. Suction excavation uses high pressure air to loosen the soil and immediately vacuum it away which significantly reduces the risk of underground cable strikes and injury to operatives working.

Mobile Concrete Crushing New BroughtonMobile Concrete Crushing New Broughton
Ground Penetrating Radar MarchwielGround Penetrating Radar Marchwiel

Using our compact vac-ex we can safely excavate footpaths, carriageways, and on-site where excavation around live services is required. If you need to excavate under a live cable to install new utility apparatus or need to expose a live cable J Wilson Contractors Ltd can help. We can provide a complete service including liaising with the local authority where required, supplying the necessary traffic management and full reinstatement. Our operatives are qualified to NRSWA standard and we are fully insured.

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